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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 13 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!

18 Year Old Angie Can't Even Force a Small DIldo in Her Tiny Virgin Hole - Must See to Believe Featuring: Angie Added 10/10/2014
barely 18 years old and Newly graduated Angie is back for her second video. this girls is tight! like she could hurt somebody tight. watch as she tries to fit a simple candy cane striped vibrator into herself and the damn thing just won't fit! either her boyfriend has the tiniest cock in the world to fit in their or she aint givin it up to him because she is so tiny, like virgin tiny ! she eagerly spreads herself open and fingers that tight tiny little pussy with the biggest smile on her face.and her brand new class ring clearly in the shot,,, i think if you look hard enough you can read the high school name and year 2014 on the side. angie moved away for the winter but told me she was coming back to visit a few times so im gonna have to catch up with her next time she comes home to visit..... maybe thanksgiving ... another session with her would make me very thankful,,, i luv this girl she is o cute and innocent looking but secretly a closet freak !

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18 year old Honey Wearing a Wig and Nervously Naked for the First Time on Camera Featuring: Honey Added 10/03/2014
New model time again! I met this little gypsy girl named Hannah (aka honey) a few weeks ago and finally got together with her to do a shoot. She is very nervous about being on video, the photo's not so much,, she was afraid she would look stupid talking on camera... i think she looks great and as soon as she gets naked and you can see that banging body what normal guy could find any faults. we couldn't find a good place to film so we have Hannah and her tight all natural body in a raggedy hotel room, This is the first time she has done anything naked on camera and as you can tell she is very nervous at first, but I think that she did a great first interview with me for the site. Watch her spread herself to the limits and see how many fingers she can fit inside.

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Hot 18 Year Old Maria Double Headed Dildo DP Fun and Fits in Fingers Tiny Pussy Stretch Featuring: Maria Ciroc Added 10/01/2014
Sexy Russian import Maria is back in her brand new apartment with no furniture except a bed and a funky folding chair. we took maria to the adult store and she picked out the strangest looking double headed blue vibrator i've ever seen combo dildo / anal beads. she eagerly busted it out of the package when we got back and proceeded to demonstrate how to use it, double penetrating herself with both parts of it. as you can see, this girl loves anal and stretching her tight pink pussy for us all to enjoy.

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Stunning Kleopatra using a Rabbit and Huge Anal Beads to DP Stretch in Her Apartment Featuring: Kleopatra Added 09/26/2014
Sexy gypsy girl Kleo is back for her third update filmed in her person living room getting freaky with Three Toys double penetration, and classic anal beads. Kleo rubs one off before heading back to the block party down the street using her fingers and multiple toys on herself at once, BTW guys this girl loves anal !

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Mature Big Boob Wet T Contest at Abate of Iowa 2014 Featuring: Added 09/23/2014
This is the Thursday Big Twins update from the Abate of Iowa's "Freedom Rally" 2014 held over the 4th of July weekend in Algona Iowa. Their wet-t-shirt contest they call the Cool-Down contest, it happens about 3pm on the main stage. they pass out beer boxes an collect cash for the prise money and get volunteer girls for the contest out of the crowd also, the more money they raise each day the better the group of girls. if your going camping and close to Iowa this event for the 4th of July is a no-miss event. there were 3 days of contests split into 2 sections each, and tons of random nudity this year. I hope to see a few of the girls from this years contests in the upcoming 2015 contests,especially the little brunette from the sporters division that has been there 2 years in a row !

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Petite Molly Xtreme DP Anal Stretch Featuring: Molly Added 09/19/2014
So i met up with Molly again at an event in Wisconsin noticing the had visited the tattoo man since i last saw her and asked her if she wanted to get freeky on the camera again, and she eagerly agreed telling me she needed new toys because she kinda wore the other ones out from constant use. we were trying to figure out what i filmed her doing before and i joked that she should try to fit more than 1 toy in her tight asshole and she told me why not, might as well she never tried anal at all before she met me and she liked it so she might as well see what a couple of toys will fit and what that feels like... BONUS !!!

81 Photos and  33 minutes, 36 seconds  of video

Young Blonde Maxi Only 20 y/o Naked and New Shot in Her Real Life Iowa Apartment Featuring: Maxi Added 09/12/2014
New model time again, this is Maxi she is from a small town in iowa and just started working with our friend Maria .When i saw her i asked her if she had ever shot any nudes before and if she would be interested in shooting any video for a website at all... she said this would be her first time nude on camera and eagerly agreed to shoot... so i arranged to shoot a few days later at our mutal friends. this is the first of 3 videos i shot of Maxi at Marias new apartment.I hope you enjoy this fresh new model getting naked on film for the first time while while Maria's eyes were glued to the action as maxi spread herself wide in her very first adult video.

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Abate of Iowa Sportsters Wet T Contest from Day 2 Saturday Featuring: Added 09/09/2014
This is the Saturday sporters update (2nd day) from the 2014 ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally held over the 4th of July weekend every year in Algona Iowa. they have a wet-t-shirt contest Thursday, Friday and Saturday that they split into 2 categories. sporters (smaller chested girls) and the big twins for the bigger chested girls. this is the sportster division of the Friday contest, alot of hot naked biker chicks in this contest.there is a very cute natural brunette from Minnesota that was at the 2013 event that must have enjoyed herself because she came back and was in all 3 days contest this year..... love that girl wish she wasnt so far away or i would have offered to do a paid shoot with her. if she is at the 2015 event i think i'm gonna do it anyways.

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Student Raver Chick Mandy Candy Getting Down and Dirty in Her Real Bedroom Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 09/02/2014
Cute little raver chick Mandy is a freek at heart. she loves playing with herself and knowing that a bunch of guys will be watching her later. She even died her hair to match her favorite toy, a little odd shaped vibrator. and from the looks of it she has had plenty of practice using it on herself. if you ever wondered what a 19 year old tech school girls bedroom looks like, now you know because we shot this video in Mandys personal bedroom .Hope you enjoy this petite all natural little little hottie pleasuring herself at home. and remember guys, she knows your watching her and she loves it.

and  15 minutes, 48 seconds  of video

Jules Stretched to Her Limit with Anal and Pussy Toys Wow Just Wow Featuring: Jules Added 08/29/2014
This is the third and final shoot i did with Jules a cute small town Iowa girl. After some convincing and basically begging, i managed to talk her into it. Hey you know you want to do it, all the cool kids are doing it, try it youll like it speech... surprised how good that worked when i was just being a smartass in the middle of a conversation. this is the first time that Jules has ever had anything up her butt outside of a Dr's office. she briefly did DP with the 2 toys but after she finaly managed to fit it in there , she figured out she didnt like anal all that well and went back to masturbating with her new blue toy and cumming on camera.

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Fresh 18 Year Old Maria Doing First Time Ever Naked on Camera Shot in Her Apartment Featuring: Maria Ciroc Added 08/26/2014
Ok guys this is a Russian friend of mine that ive known for a couple years and just finally got her to agree to do a shoot. I met her at a local amateur contest at Woodys Showclub in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and first thing i thought was WOW THIS GIRL HAS PERFECT BOOBS !, anyways i finally caught up to her in her new apartment with no furniture yet cept a bed and a chair...this is the first time she has done anything on camera and hopefully she can get a few of her hottie friends to join in in with her for future shoots.

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Angie Back for Candid Second Video Tiny Young and Tight Attempted Gaping and Peeing Featuring: Angie Added 08/21/2014
This is 18 year old Angie's second time on camera,and first time masterminding on camera or in front of anyone. watch as she eagerly attempts to gape her tight little pussy and spread it wide for everyone to see.download the video to see just how many fingers she can fit inside that fresh out of high school hole. i also filmed her running to the bathroom and peeing on film for all you guys out there that have been asking me for pissing footage. gonna have to call her up and see if she is up for another filming session, i cant get enough of this little hottie !

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Nudes a Poppin 2014 Blowjob Contest with Ice Pops Featuring: Karissa ,  Miranda Added 08/15/2014
fun fact, this blowjob contest used to be a yearly amateur oil wrestling contest! BUT, 2 years ago, there was an accident between two girls oil wrestling during the contest, so the organizers decided not to risk the health and safety of the girls.... so they came up with this "blowjob" contest... where the girls compete to swallow the ice pop... turned out pretty good, but I still miss the annual oil wrestling one... perhaps you could email me with suggestions of what type of contest we could do next year in the place of this blowjob one? just email me the ideas to necoeds@gmail.com :D This is the final update that I'm posting from this years Nudes-a-Poppin' festival on nebraskacoeds... but with good reason... as soon I will have nudesapoppin.com launched with photos and video from the past 39 years of these festivals!

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Extra Small Molly Being Naughty in the Shower and Bath Tub Featuring: Molly Added 08/12/2014
This is the 3rd video i shot of molly taking a shower after a shoot and yet again she decided to start playing with herself in the tub, i guess she wasnt finished pleasuring herself . im glad i decided to stick around and follow her into the bathroom and film her cleaning up,,,,, but instead of cleaning up she decided to get down and dirty all over again in the shower,,,,, man i love my job. enjoy

and  13 minutes, 7 seconds  of video

Skinny and Petite Kleopatra Using a Dildo for the First Time at Her Real Life Apartment Featuring: Kleopatra Added 08/08/2014
Gypsy girl Kleo from Kalamazoo Michigan is back for round two using a little blue vibrator on herself on this huge black couch in her personal apartment. this girl goes to town on herself, she sure knows how to use a toy on herself. watch as she cums more than once in this video session.

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