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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 12 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Dawn and Carmen Together Naked Snow Angel Fun Featuring: Carmen ,  Dawn Added 11/12/2013
I originally shot Dawn and Carmen earlier this year, on separate days in my house here in Cedar Rapids Iowa... Then after seeing some posts on facebook between them, I found out they knew each other :D So, I invited them over to do a shoot... Well, they both had to drive here from Des Moines... and this week, we happened to have the first snow storm of the year! Luckily they had a SUV to drive, and had no trouble getting to my house, and even more luckily, these two milf hotties were down to eat eachother out on camera, as well as doing some unspeakable things to eachother! Including naked snow angels! Enjoy!

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Kitty Stretching to Take HUGE Dildo with Gaping and Pain Featuring: Kitty Added 11/08/2013
I don't know why exactly, but this girl Kitty just really makes me super tingly inside ... both when I'm filming her videos... AND when i'm sitting at home, or in coffee shops, editing the video... This video ESPECIALLY really made me super excited! She took this monster dildo into her tiny hole, AND she even shoved in a skinny and long dildo alongside the monster all at the same time! Double Pussy Monster Dildo Pussy Stretching Extravaganza! I love how her pussy starts out so tight that she can barely fit in a finger, even with lube... then by the end of this video, you can see that it's so stretched out, that it just gapes open a bit... perfect for a real man to fit into! not sure if she has a boyfriend or not but id love to be a stand-in for a couple nights!

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Hot Coed Hot Body Contest at Abate Iowa Biker Rally 2013 Featuring: Added 11/01/2013
I love going and covering the Abate of Iowa Biker Rally every year! This is from just a couple months ago.. and the wild and crazy girls did not disappoint! The girl that won this contest is just 18 years old... which means she was just in highschool.. or maybe just started her senior year... Hope these photos don't end up being seen by all of her Iowa friends :D J/k I hope you totally enjoy this hot contest... and I can't wait to post all of the other Wet Tshirt Contests that I shot throughout this summer!

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Farm Girl Karma Hotel DP and Double Pussy for the First Time Featuring: Added 10/29/2013
Good 'Ol Iowa Farm Girl that wanted me to call her "Karma" on her video... and then I looked at her ID, and her name is ACTUALLY KARMA.. wtf... crazy name for a farm girl... parents must have been late blooming hippies with tractors or something :D well anyway... she got right down to business! even managed to squeeze in 2 dildos into her twat at the same time! Epic Awesomeness Galore! I love seeing a real chick like Karma pushing her sexual limits!

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Miley Using Clit Vibrator and Dildo in her Own Bed Featuring: Miley Added 10/27/2013
Since I was over to Miley's apartment last week to do a video with Kaity, I talked Miley into doing another video as well! this time she used a new clit vibrator that I had with me ... made her so wet that you could see her natural lube dripping from her twat... then I got her to do her video in her real life bedroom, in her real life bed that she actually sleeps in every night! She even showed me the jizz stains on her blankets from all the dudes that she's had bang her lately (this girl needs to do laundry more often, or fuck less... wait, definitely laundry!)

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Kaity Back to Get Fully Naked and Masturbate for the First Time Featuring: Kaity Added 10/25/2013
Kaity FINALLY came back and this time she really needed money for rent, so she agreed to get fully naked and to "play with herself" for some minutes :D She is such a shy girl.. I tried to get her to come over to my apartment to do the video, but she said she felt more comfortable at her friend Miley's apartment (on the kirkwood college campus in cedar rapids iowa)... I want nothing more than to see Kaity shove the biggest dildo I can find in her coochie... lets hope for next time, she just wasn't down to go that far this time around....

and  24 minutes, 51 seconds  of video

Kitty Naked for the First Time on Camera Featuring: Kitty Added 10/17/2013
18 Year old Kitty (yes certifiably barely legal) finally agreed to do a video with me! She is from a small town in southern Wisconsin, so I had to drive there and rent a hotel room to do the shoot with her This is the first part of her first ever video! The next part will be posted on November 8th! In this video she is very nervous and gets naked for the first time... I make sure to get lots of spread pussy close-ups for you guys, as well as some other really pervy zoom ins!

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Kyla First Time Naked Featuring: Kyla Added 10/11/2013
We drove all the way to Davenport Iowa last week to film Kyla for her FIRST EVER VIDEO in her REAL LIFE apartment! She was actually pretty comfortable after we started hanging out, and she didn't waste any time taking her clothes off! She even was totally down to open up her pussy for some really great close-ups of the inside of her vagina!... We spent the whole day with her videoing... so there will be the second part of this video posted soon! :D

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Heaven First Time Ever Video Naked and Masturbating Featuring: Heaven Added 10/08/2013
Heaven is a special girl! She is ACTUALLY half sisters of Mandi (the squirter)! Mandi told us that she would help us do a shoot with her sister, because her sister needed some money for her rent... Heaven (her real name) was so nervous about doing her first shoot, that she would only do it, if we drove all the way to Davenport to do the shoot at Mandi's house... SO we did! We tried to get some sick shot going with her and mandi doing a girl on girl video, but it didn't happen... AT LEAST NOT YET... I will continue to spend my free time texting these girls, to try to get some sick video shot of them together soon! :D

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Nina Back to Try Double Penetration for the First Time - She didn't like it at all :) Featuring: Nina Added 10/04/2013
Nina came back for another video... this time she was pissed as fuck with me, when I told her that I was bored just watching her put something in her pussy, and I wanted to see her double penetrate her ass and pussy, otherwise I didn't even want to shoot her again... She was pissed, but then when I let her choose the smallest toy (anal beads) for her ass... she decided that it wouldn't be that bad. Boy was she wrong... as the shoot goes on, you can tell that she is in more and more pain from stretching her tiny holes... I have TONS of closeup video and photos from this... all members will definitely love this update!

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Aana Showering and Masturbating Featuring: Aana Added 10/01/2013
This was actually after her previous shoot, when she was shoving random things in her ass and pussy... She needed to shower before heading home to meet up with her boyfriend... I really love Aana's body... and even more so, I LOVE JUST WATCHING her play with her pussy and rubbing her body sensually... She has a real ability to just go on, and on, and just be completely entrancing in her moves... check out the full unedited video in the member's only section!

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Miley Using Glass Dildo and Freaking Out Not Wanting to do Porn anymore Featuring: Miley Added 09/27/2013
Miley has us over to her on campus apartment, on the Kirkwood Community College Campus in Cedar Rapids for us to film her using another toy for the camera! I gave her a glass one this time, honestly, so that we could have some views of what the inside of her pussy looked like... This shoot is super interesting, since at the end, she starts crying and saying that she doesn't want to do any more videos and regrets ever meeting us... Long story short, I left, and left Brian there to make her feel better... Hope she gets over this, and ends up being down for another video.. Cuz she is one hot bitch!... Well anyway, this shoot is VERY jerk-off-able, with lots of close-ups! And with the ribs of glass, you can see the lips of her pussy vibrating against them, as she pushes it in, and pulls it out!

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Storm Masturbating While Sun Bathing Featuring: Storm Added 09/24/2013
Storm did her FIRST EVER shoot with me last month! Unfortunately, she will be moving back south, since she couldn't find a job here in Cedar Rapids fast enough. She told me that she wanted to come over and hang out in my cool house again... I told her that it was cool, but she would have to sunbathe naked or something :D She came over, and had a box of dildo's next to the exit of my house to the sunbathing area... she saw and was totally down to use one outside, where ALL OF MY NEIGHBORS could easily see her! Crazy Girl

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Miley Showering and Masturbating Featuring: Miley Added 09/20/2013
Miley has such a tight and athletic college girl body! She was here in Iowa City doing something on campus, and we ended up meeting up for lunch.. She told me she needed a shower, and wanted to know if she could take a quick shower in my apartment (since I just live upstairs from the place we were eating)... I told her how about I pay for lunch, if she lets me film her showering! Best lunch break ever!

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McKenzie from Wisconsin First Time Dildo Video Featuring: McKenzie Added 09/15/2013
This is the second time that I talked Wisconsin Cutie McKenzie into doing a video with me! Last time she was a little too nervous to use a dildo, but this time she seemed pretty mentally prepared to do so!... I love video taping girls with tight pussies, like McKenzie's... it's so interesting to see them stuff a slick dildo in their pussies, and then be able to hold them in, with just their pussy muscles!

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