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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 13 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
Also, I personally Update the member's area 2-3 times a week!

Abate 2013 All Hot Girls Contest in Iowa Featuring: Added 02/07/2014
This was the last contest that they had at this years Abate of Iowa Biker Rally here in Iowa... and what a way to go out for the year! WIth a BANG! Nothing but very bangable chicks in this lineup, and they weren't scared at all of being naked in front of a crowd of horny guys! Hope this helps warm you up on this cold winter night! ... Also, I've heard rumors that next years biker rally will be more "family oriented"... lets hope the fuck not... I will be extremely sad if this was the last wet tshirt contest at a Abate of Iowa Rally...

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Conesville Biker Rally in Iowa Crazy Pole Contest Featuring: Added 02/04/2014
Conesville Biker Rally has been very good about having new and different types of naked chick contests. This year they had super hot chicks doing something like WWF wrestling, followed by a group of about 10 contestants; of every shape and size doing a pole dance off! (what you see for most of this update) BUT, then they switch it up at the end, and dangle pickles by strings down to girls who are waiting on their knees, trying to catch the pickles in their mouths! LOVE THE IDEA!

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Mandy Candy and Her First Ever Dildo Video Featuring: Mandy Candy Added 01/31/2014
Young Mandy Candy has NEVER used a dildo before! Her tight little pussy could barely stretch enough to fit this normal sized dildo! It's so fucking hot how when she forces it in her hole, that it just stays in, with now hands or anything, even though she is dripping wet with her juices! All kinds of really great close-ups of her tiny body! Join now to see the entire unedited video in the members only section!

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Carmen Masturbating in Shower Featuring: Carmen Added 01/28/2014
Shot this super hot video of Carmen the other day... she didn't have time for a proper long shoot, so we just did a quick shower bang out session! ... God this girl is sexy, in such an exotic and fun way! Join now to see the entire, un edited video in the members only section!

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Abate 2013 Milf Contest Iowa Biker Rally Featuring: Added 01/24/2014
The Abate biker rally in Iowa never disappoints... here's the video from the last wet tshirt contest that they had this year! I called it a Milf contest in the title, only because it was predominantly filled with milfs of various sizes and shapes... but there were also 2 super hot, and i mean really super hot, younger girls! Check out this video, cuz so many of these girls, including 1 of the young ones with perfect tits, got totally pussy and asshole naked up on stage for the visual enjoyment of all that could see! :D As always, join to see the entire video!

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Kitty Attempted Self Fisting and First Time Rabbit Featuring: Kitty Added 01/21/2014
Kitty came back! Well, she met up with us in a hotel room in southern Wisconsin... I was brainstorming things for her to try, and we started out with her just using a simple dildo, and trying some different positions while using it (don't worry there are also tons of close-ups to go along with that!) ... Then, I threw out the idea that she could try to fit her whole hand (fist) in her pussy! So she tried (and partially succeeded) in fisting herself! Epic! As always, join for the full unedited video and super hi-resolution photos!

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Ashley (aka Dakota) Letting Me Help Her Masturbate in Lincoln Martini Bar Featuring: Dakota Added 01/19/2014
My close and good friend Ashley came here to Lincoln for a visit last week... haven't seen her for awhile... so took her to my favorite local bar to share a drink... well, there were absolutely no customers, probably having something to do with the fact that there was a big snow storm going on, and there is a back corner with a couch that we could be out of the view of the bartender in... SO I took the initiative to get some public nudity and public masturbation video :D She even let me help her out some, rubbing her clit and using the long yellow dildo in her tiny pussy! Join today to see this entire uncut video!

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Becky with Step Sister Mandi First Time Lesbian Experience on Camera Featuring: Becky ,  Mandi Added 01/17/2014
Ok, so a couple weeks ago, Mandi had her step sister call me up to do her first porn shoot ever... Which I updated with earlier (look below)... now, Mandi called me back up and said that she wanted to do a LESBO video with her Step Sister (is that incest?) I googled it, it's not incest since they aren't related, but it still seems crazy! OK, so this was the EPIC result of this extreme idea! Enjoy! :D PS- By the way to mention that Mandi even squirts all over becky during the double dildo and the scissoring parts! This is truly going to be one of the BEST EVER UPDATES on the site!

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Blonde Lindsey Back Again Using a Rabbit on Her Couch at Her Home Featuring: Lindsey Bl Added 01/14/2014
I think that we are all fans of Blonde Lindsey's ass... I know that's the reason that we went back over to her apartment to do another video with her last week!... Got her to use a rabbit vibrator and she did some crazy shit for us! Even pee'd for us in her bathroom and let us film (for those that love the peeing videos) Join Now to see the whole entire video from this, with all the closeups of her dripping wet pussy taking this vibe!

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Previously Lost Footage from Spring Break Upskirt Wet Tshirt Contest and Afterhours Rawness Featuring: Added 01/12/2014
I am completely done filming video onto tapes now, only shooting "straight to chip" (also upgrading to 4k cameras this month) But anyway, so I was cleaning out one of my desks, and found a tape, (this update) just sitting on the floor under my desk! ... What a great tape! Solid Spring Break Wet T-Shirt contest! I even was able to find the matching photos in my huge photo archive!... Hope the contests are this good at spring break this year! :D

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Kyla in a Dress and First DP and Double Vagina Featuring: Kyla Added 01/10/2014
I think I have a bit of a crush on beautiful Kyla! I keep saying yes, when she invites me over to film her again! I also love filming a girl in her own real apartment, it really gives me the ability to show a more natural view of her!... Ok, so one of my favorite personal fetishes are double vagina videos... unfortunately most chicks won't let this happen. I actually really LOVE fucking a girl, and forcing in a dildo along side my dick... well here's the second best thing to that... DP and Double Vagina penetration with plastic vibrators! Love how at the end of the shot, her tiny pussy is all stretched out and gaping a little :D

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Andrea and Alyssa College Roommates Naked Together Featuring: Alyssa community college coed ,  Andrea community college coed Added 12/15/2013
College Roommates Andrea and Alyssa came back and let me do a short video with both of them naked in my Cedar Rapids Iowa hotel room! They are so awkward, and nervous, but that's what makes this video so fucking jerk-off-able for me!

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Alexa and Ariel a Christmas Story Featuring: Alexa British ,  Ariel Added 12/13/2013
Happy Holidays from Nebraskacoeds! Got a special team together to help us celebrate Xmas this year! Two girls (Alexa and Ariel) that have NEVER done anything more than kissed another girl before... They were a little timid with each others bodies at the start... but they soon warmed up and got right to business! This is a very hot and jerk-off-able video! I had to wank it while editing it, so it's definitely some hot and great stuff!

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Alyssa Nervous Iowa Girl from the Countryside First Time Naked on Camera Featuring: Alyssa community college coed Added 12/08/2013
This is actually a video that I shot awhile back, that I had misplaced and forgotten about! Alyssa is only 19 years old, from a small iowa village, and is attending community college in cedar rapids iowa!... Talked her in to coming to my hotel room for a hotel interview between classes... She was nervous, but thats one of the reasons that I actually really like her video!... Normal girl just pushing her personal limits!

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Andrea Community College Coed First Porn Video in Cedar Rapids Iowa Featuring: Andrea community college coed Added 12/01/2013
Another community college student from Cedar Rapids Iowa! This one wasn't as nervous as the other one... but she's also got a lip ring, so you just know she's a freak in the sack! Watch her wisk away her innocence, by getting nude on camera for the First Time Of Her Life!

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