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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 12 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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Andrea and Alyssa College Roommates Naked Together Featuring: Alyssa community college coed ,  Andrea community college coed Added 12/15/2013
College Roommates Andrea and Alyssa came back and let me do a short video with both of them naked in my Cedar Rapids Iowa hotel room! They are so awkward, and nervous, but that's what makes this video so fucking jerk-off-able for me!

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Alexa and Ariel a Christmas Story Featuring: Alexa British ,  Ariel Added 12/13/2013
Happy Holidays from Nebraskacoeds! Got a special team together to help us celebrate Xmas this year! Two girls (Alexa and Ariel) that have NEVER done anything more than kissed another girl before... They were a little timid with each others bodies at the start... but they soon warmed up and got right to business! This is a very hot and jerk-off-able video! I had to wank it while editing it, so it's definitely some hot and great stuff!

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Kaity Dorm Shower Before Going Back to Class Featuring: Kaity Added 12/10/2013
Kaity has been really pissed off at me lately, because she really is regretting letting me film her using a dildo on camera... so many hater ass bitches have been texting her harassing her over this shit (wish you haters would shut the fuck up already, and I hope you get the beat down you deserve)... anyway... she needed some money quick, and I was in town (cedar rapids) so I stopped by her on campus apartment, and filmed her fingering herself and showering, before she had to get dressed quick and make it to her class! Love this, even made me hard again while editing the video... Kaity is FUCKING HOT! And you get to see ALL OF HER, UNCUT and UNEDITED in the members only section!

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Alyssa Nervous Iowa Girl from the Countryside First Time Naked on Camera Featuring: Alyssa community college coed Added 12/08/2013
This is actually a video that I shot awhile back, that I had misplaced and forgotten about! Alyssa is only 19 years old, from a small iowa village, and is attending community college in cedar rapids iowa!... Talked her in to coming to my hotel room for a hotel interview between classes... She was nervous, but thats one of the reasons that I actually really like her video!... Normal girl just pushing her personal limits!

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Mandi and Heaven First Time Lesbians Featuring: Heaven ,  Mandi Added 12/06/2013
Heaven just did her first shoot with me awhile back, and she mentioned that she would be down to do a video with another girl... I asked around, and Mandi (the squirter) agreed to do a girl/girl shoot! (will shoot more girl/girl shoots if you guys email me and let me know you want me to)... anyway, got to Mandi's house in Davenport Iowa... and as soon as Heaven showed up, BEFORE I COULD EVEN GET THE VIDEO CAMERA GOING, they were off eating, licking, sucking, fucking, and SQUIRTING on EACHOTHER! FUCKING AMAZING VIDEO... You have to see the whole unedited version in the Member's Only section to Believe this shit! :D

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Blonde Lindsey Returns Naked in Her House Featuring: Lindsey Bl Added 12/03/2013
How could we ever forget miss Blonde Lindsey... Click back on her model page to see her original shoots with us about 6 or so years ago... She only showed up one time at a hotel room in cedar rapids back in the day, and did one set of shoots with Brunette Lindsey (the reason we nicknamed her blonde lindsey btw)... anyway, I managed to randomly find her on facebook a few weeks ago, and found out that she lived in Waterloo now, so I messaged her, and asked if she would do a Throwback Reunion style shoot! She agreed, but only if we did it at her house... which I happily agreed to! Check this out! She let me film her peeing, fisting herself (almost all the way) and stretching and poking her naked body in every way thinkable! Enjoy! :D

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Andrea Community College Coed First Porn Video in Cedar Rapids Iowa Featuring: Andrea community college coed Added 12/01/2013
Another community college student from Cedar Rapids Iowa! This one wasn't as nervous as the other one... but she's also got a lip ring, so you just know she's a freak in the sack! Watch her wisk away her innocence, by getting nude on camera for the First Time Of Her Life!

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Kyla using a Rabbit on Her Bed at Home Featuring: Kyla Added 11/28/2013
Amazingly Hot Kyla let me come back over to her house to do another shoot... This time she was down to shove the toys in her asshole, pussy hole, double penetrating, and also double pussy penetration, as well as gaping herself open afterwards!.. She needed to smoke some cigarettes during this shoot, just to calm herself down enough from pushing her limits so far. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it when a Gorgeous Girl like this gives into her dark sexual urges! Maybe next time she might do a blowjob on camera? :D

306 Photos and  26 minutes, 43 seconds  of video

Heaven First Time Porno Featuring: Heaven Added 11/24/2013
Heaven called me up last week and said that she wanted to do another video with me... BUT this time, she said she would be down to use "one of your toys" and actually masturbate to orgasm in front of me! She is pretty shy actually, and only agreed to do another shoot, if she could do it at her half sister's house (model on the site named Mandi the Squirter).... Long story short, she shot this video with me, (WHICH IS VERY HOT AND HAS LOTS OF CLOSEUPS) ... THEN some more dirtiness went down between her and her half sister (will post this update on December 6th)... SO JOIN TODAY to see this and the next super hot update from Heaven!

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Carmen First Ever Porno Getting Naked and Fingering Featuring: Carmen Exotic Added 11/22/2013
My First Girl from Peru! Wow! I'm already in LOVE with South American girls! Carmen has NEVER done any kind of video or nude photos before! She has only been in 1 wet t-shirt contest *(where I met her)... She wouldn't use any of the dildos that I offered to her, but she was down to finger herself some... AND if you guys like her, I will try to get her back to use a dildo! Maybe even one of the huge ones that I have laying around! well anyway, she's young, exotic (but living in Iowa) and beautiful... Enjoy the Full Video and Hi Resolution Photos in the members area!

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Conesville Iowa Biker Rally Amateur Contest Featuring: Added 11/19/2013
The Conesville Iowa Biker rally is one of the last Biker Rally's around that still encourages nudity at the event! I love the lawlessness felt in events, when they just allow completely nudity in public! There are rumors about them banning nudity at next year's event... lets hope those are just rumors... I would hate for the video and photos from this year, to be the final ones from the Conesville event. Well anyway... Girls... they go wild... we film them .... ENJOY!

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Kaity First Time Dildo Ever and She Called me Really Regretting This Video Featuring: Kaity Added 11/15/2013
This video is the reason that I both love my job, and hate it sometimes :) Part of me loves when I manage to get an all American real girl to push her limits and do a dirty video like this for me... but the other part of me hates how within hours of me posting a video like this... Kaity, all of her friends, and family, will be texting, calling, facebook messaging me, etc, begging me to take this video down. Kaity even called me just after this shoot crying begging me to not post the video online... Well, sorry Kaity, but this video is too fucking hot not to post.... Kaity is a PERFECT model quality girl, trapped in a tiny podunk Iowa town... check out this super hot video of her pushing her limits, using a dildo while I film, and having a nice orgasm... You gotta love how young pussy needs no hands to hold the dildo in... Enjoy the full video in the members only section!

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Dawn and Carmen Together Naked Snow Angel Fun Featuring: Carmen ,  Dawn Added 11/12/2013
I originally shot Dawn and Carmen earlier this year, on separate days in my house here in Cedar Rapids Iowa... Then after seeing some posts on facebook between them, I found out they knew each other :D So, I invited them over to do a shoot... Well, they both had to drive here from Des Moines... and this week, we happened to have the first snow storm of the year! Luckily they had a SUV to drive, and had no trouble getting to my house, and even more luckily, these two milf hotties were down to eat eachother out on camera, as well as doing some unspeakable things to eachother! Including naked snow angels! Enjoy!

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Kitty Stretching to Take HUGE Dildo with Gaping and Pain Featuring: Kitty Added 11/08/2013
I don't know why exactly, but this girl Kitty just really makes me super tingly inside ... both when I'm filming her videos... AND when i'm sitting at home, or in coffee shops, editing the video... This video ESPECIALLY really made me super excited! She took this monster dildo into her tiny hole, AND she even shoved in a skinny and long dildo alongside the monster all at the same time! Double Pussy Monster Dildo Pussy Stretching Extravaganza! I love how her pussy starts out so tight that she can barely fit in a finger, even with lube... then by the end of this video, you can see that it's so stretched out, that it just gapes open a bit... perfect for a real man to fit into! not sure if she has a boyfriend or not but id love to be a stand-in for a couple nights!

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Hot Coed Hot Body Contest at Abate Iowa Biker Rally 2013 Featuring: Added 11/01/2013
I love going and covering the Abate of Iowa Biker Rally every year! This is from just a couple months ago.. and the wild and crazy girls did not disappoint! The girl that won this contest is just 18 years old... which means she was just in highschool.. or maybe just started her senior year... Hope these photos don't end up being seen by all of her Iowa friends :D J/k I hope you totally enjoy this hot contest... and I can't wait to post all of the other Wet Tshirt Contests that I shot throughout this summer!

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