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Welcome to Nebraskacoeds.com! We've been around since 2001, and we started this site out of our college dorm room here in Lincoln, NE. Throughout the last 12 years, we've become professionals at partying, and best of all, we've gotten really good at finding girls that are willing to get naked for our cameras. This site is REAL. It is still shot by the same group of friends that started the site. In the member's section of the site, is a setup like a blog of our adventures across the country since we started taking these pictures and shooting these videos. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have personally shot every single video and photo that appears on this site. Feel Free to email any comments or questions to necoeds@gmail.com (I am VERY fast at replying to emails)
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April Upstairs in My Iowa City Apartment Dildoing Herself Featuring: April Added 09/01/2013
April was driving past Iowa City yesterday on I-80 last week... I saw her check in on facebook.... saw she was close... called her up and told her that I was also in town, and that she should stop over for a drink! She came over, and before long she let me take out my camera, she LOVES the attention of my cameras... got her naked and stucking a pretty good sized dildo in her tiny body... Love how she is so tight, that the dildo just stays in her pussy with no hands at all!

141 Photos and  24 minutes, 22 seconds  of video

Alexa Back for Another Shoot First Time Dildo Featuring: Alexa British Added 08/30/2013
Alexa is such a quite girl... I was driving through des moines last week, and texted some girls that I thought might want to shoot, if I bought a hotel room... Alexa was the first to reply, like within 1 min of me texting her... and then she continued to chat me all up... like seriously 10 pages of texts before she finally got to my hotel room... then she gets there, and she barely talks! :D so I guess he prefers to type. :) next time, i will start to text her while we are hanging out... and see if that works :)

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Nina on the Couch Using a Dildo for the First Time Featuring: Nina Added 08/27/2013
So I was going through some old video footage today, and I found this video! Nina playing with a toy for the first time ever! ... Glad I found this video! She really didn't want to do this on camera... But I'm glad that I was able to talk her into it! ... Also, FYI, she has been texting me often lately... so I think I will do another shoot with her! I will definitely try to push her limits more for her next shoot! :D

113 Photos and  13 minutes, 47 seconds  of video

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Mandi Back on My Couch Double Penetrating and Squirting Featuring: Mandi Added 08/25/2013
Mandi came back over to hang out with me and maybe do another shoot, if she was in the mood... She lives just an hour, or so, away in Davenport... Anyway... she came over, and we did some "artistic" style photos for her boyfriend, with my guitar and some other things... Then she got horny, and said she wanted to squirt... Turned into a asshole stretching Double Penetration fun afternoon! Check it out!

96 Photos and  30 minutes, 5 seconds  of video

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Trinity Returns for some Dollar Store Pussy Object insertions Featuring: Trinity Added 08/23/2013
"Will it Fit" This is the question that I asked Trinity, at the local cedar rapids dollar store... Asked her to choose 20 items that she thought may, or may not fit inside her pussy and ass! This is a great activity, and if you guys like the idea/video, I will try this out with some future shoots as well! :)

210 Photos and  43 minutes, 29 seconds  of video

Final Long Tape from Fantasy Fest 2012 Key West Featuring: Added 08/20/2013
This is the last that that I shot at Fantasy Fest this past year! I am thinking that I will return for Fantasy Fest 2013 in about 2 months from now! If you REALLY want to make sure I go and cover this event, please email me to let me know!

and  55 minutes, 53 seconds  of video

Kaity Finally Gets Completely Nude for the FIRST TIME! Featuring: Kaity Added 08/16/2013
After all of the email that I got from you guys (and some girls) I just had to convince Kaity into coming back and getting fully naked for my camera!... Well, it took some convincing... AND I had to shoot her at her on campus apartment, while her roommate was home, WHICH ended up being awesome!... She got really comfortable this time... BUT she STILL WOULDNT stick a finger in herself, or even really play with her clit at all... I will keep working on her, to see if she might come back and get dirty while naked for her next shoot!

118 Photos and  28 minutes, 51 seconds  of video

Beads Pussy Stuffing and Other Behind the Scenes Last Tape from Party Cove Featuring: April ,  Luna ,  Rae ,  Sarah R Added 08/13/2013
Sadly, this will be the last video that I shot down at Party Cove Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. Party Cove just isn't what it used to be, at least right now... I think the recession is what has killed... so maybe someday it will be good again... BUT we definitely partied like rock stars for our last night out in the cove! Stuffing girls pussies with bananas and mardi gras beads, and all kinds of other unspeakable debauchery!

and  29 minutes, 31 seconds  of video

Roxy and Missy First Girl/Girl Shoot and Behind the Scenes Featuring: Missy ,  Roxy Added 08/11/2013
Roxy and Missy have never been with another girl before... well at least not they are admitting... They were both doing a shoot with me in my hotel room, and brian talked them into doing s video shoot together... turned out really hot, so I just had to share this with you guys

279 Photos and  17 minutes, 45 seconds  of video

Jackie Shower and Masturbation Lingerie in New Condo Featuring: Jackie Added 08/09/2013
Sad to say, but Jackie has finally decided to move away from Iowa :( so, this will be the last video of her.... We were just bored and decided to try and do a cool video shoot in my des moines loft... had a friend come over to help me with the photos, and gave jackie some booze... this was the result :D Ok, no more Jackie, but lots of fresh new girls are coming now!

761 Photos and  42 minutes, 11 seconds  of video

April Bed Anal Beads and DP with Strip Poker Dare Featuring: April Added 08/06/2013
ME: April come over and play some poker with us! April: Ummm ok Totally great time last night with April in my Downtown Iowa City apartment... had a couple other friends over and we played a proper game of strip poker with April... Well at least it started out like that... It ended; with April having toys stuffed in her ass and pussy up on my bed... What a crazy night... the entire raw video is posted in the members section...

46 Photos and  28 minutes, 4 seconds  of video

Storm First Time Video Featuring: Storm Added 08/04/2013
19 year old Storm (this is actually her name) is our 3rd brand new model in the past week! She was very shy, but opened up pretty quickly after hanging around and just talking for a bit. After this shoot, she was very anxious to have me pick a time for her to do another video... What do you guys think, should I have this girl back? Maybe I should ask her if she would stick a toy in her ass for her second video??

422 Photos and  38 minutes, 25 seconds  of video

Kaity First Time Video Featuring: Kaity Added 08/02/2013
We've been talking to Kaity for a long time now, trying to get her to do a naked video with us... She finally broke up with her boyfriend and agreed, but ONLY if she was just topless, with just some pussy flashing, and ONLY at her on campus college apartment. If you guys like this video of her, please email me, and give me some feedback that I can show her, to help encourage her to get fully, spread pussy naked, for her next shoot! Join Now to see this whole video!

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Ginger Double Dildo Pussy Stretch Featuring: Ginger Added 07/28/2013
Ginger has never tried to have two dicks inside of her at once before... SO, I talked her into trying to see if she was even physically able to, by helping her force 2 medium sized dildos into her tight teen pussy!.... The key word here is stretch!! :D

307 Photos and  26 minutes, 33 seconds  of video

Saturday on the Streets of Fantasy Fest 2012 Key West Florida Featuring: Added 07/26/2013
This is from the last year's Fantasy Fest on Key West Island Florida... I'm trying to decide if I should travel all the way down there this year to cover this event! This is my last tape, so if you want to see more Fantasy Fest videos from the Upcoming event this October, then for sure email me and let me know! AND, as always, Join Now to see this entire video, along with all of the other ones in the Member's Only Section!

and  62 minutes, 6 seconds  of video

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